Silver Gelatin Prints


Silver Gelatin Prints

Huntington Witherill Silver Gelatin Print Archive

From 1970 through 2005, Huntington Witherill produced – and continues to maintain – an extensive collection of silver gelatin prints collectively known as the "Silver Gelatin Print Archive”. All prints maintained within the Archive (described in detail, below) were made exclusively by the photographer and each print was produced in a traditional wet darkroom, using conventional enlarging techniques (from 1970-1995) and a digital hybrid contact printing process (from 1995-2005). 

Those previously produced silver gelatin prints (both conventional enlargements and hybrid contact prints) remain available for purchase through the Archive. Sometime during 2003, Witherill discontinued using film-based cameras. And, beginning in 2006, he discontinued working in a traditional wet darkroom, altogether. Therefore, no silver gelatin prints were ever produced after 2005. For a detailed explanation about why Silver Gelatin Printing was discontinued after 2005click here.

If you are interested in purchasing archived silver gelatin prints made by Witherill, chances are good that the specific image you are interested in will be available through the Archive. In order to determine whether or not any specific image is potentially available as a silver gelatin print, simply note that every image title contains a specific year date. For example, an image titled: Dune Form, Death Valley, 1974 indicates that particular image would have been originally shot in 1974 and as such, that image will be potentially available as a silver gelatin print. Conversely, any image on this site for which the title contains the year: 2004, or later, would definitely not be available as a silver gelatin print because Witherill discontinued using film sometime in 2003.

To obtain detailed information regarding the availability and prices for any specific image to be delivered as a silver gelatin print from the Archive, please direct inquiries through the Contact page on this website.

To view a selection of prints from the Archive, itself, please visit the Silver Gelatin Print Gallery by clicking the image, below.


Silver Gelatin Print Pricing

Individual silver gelatin prints from the archive are currently priced betweeen $270 and $7,200. Specific print prices will depend upon the print size, vintage, condition, and the total number of prints that remain in the Archive of that specific image. As a general guide, the basic structure for silver gelatin print pricing (as of January 1, 2018) is as follows:


Please Note- The above outlined base retail prices assume a “Modern” or “pre-Vintage” print that has been rated as being in "Pristine" condition – i.e.- designated as being condition ten (10) – and for which there are three (3) or more prints of that specific image remaining in the Archive. Images with fewer than three (3) prints remaining in the Archive will be priced higher. “Vintage” prints are currently base-priced at twice (2x) the basic retail prices stated above. Any print that carries a condition rating of less than “10” will be priced lower than the calculated retail price by a factor based upon the specific conditions associated with that print. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Vintage Print Terminology

Each Silver Gelatin Print maintained within the Archive is classified in one of the following three (3) “Vintage” categories: 

Vintage- Defined as any print made within two (2) years of the original negative date, and the original negative is at least 25 years old. 
pre-Vintage- Defined as any print made within two (2) years of the original negative date, but the original negative, itself, is not yet 25 years old. 
Modern- Defined as any print made more than two (2) years after the original negative date, regardless the original negative date. 

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Any silver gelatin print purchased from the Archive includes free shipping and a 10-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, you may return any purchased print (postage paid) within 10-days of receipt for a full refund. Refunds apply only to the costs of the print(s) and any applicable sales taxes. Refunds do not include return shipping costs. Returned prints must be postmarked within 10 business days of the original delivery date, be postage paid, and received in their originally delivered condition. Prints are sold on a first come, first served basis. No other warranties are expressed or implied.

Archive Statistics

The Archive is composed of silver gelatin prints that were produced in “open” editions (meaning the prints were never numbered, nor artificially limited). Prints are supplied signed, mounted, overmatted, and labeled or stamped on the mount verso. Prints are available in a variety of image sizes ranging from 6"x8” through 20”x24”. Not all images are available in all sizes. Statistically speaking, the Archive is composed silver gelatin prints as outlined in the table below: 


Silver Gelatin Print Storage Environment


All prints maintained within the Huntington Witherill Silver Gelatin Print Archive are stored in a dedicated humidity and tempurature controlled environment in which the room tempurature fluxuates (throughout the year) between 60˚ and 70˚ Fahrenheit, and in which the relative humidity is maintained between 30% and 35%. The aforementioned tempurature and humidity fluctuations are simply a matter of the specific season (i.e.- Winter or Summer) in which measurements are being continually monitored.