On this page you will find a selected listing of books, magazines, and other types of publications in which Huntington Witherill's photographs and writings have appeared.

Beyond the Camera, Article & Photographs by Huntington Witherill, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Nov 2018.

The Secrets to Creating Amazing Photos, by Marc Silber. Foreword by Huntington Witherill. Published by Mango Media, Inc. 2018.

Enigmata: Portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No.. 133. Dec, 2017.

More Cameras + More Pictures = More Art? Article by Brooks Jensen and Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 119, Jul-Aug, 2015.

Virtual Reality: A portfolio of photographs from the Las Vegas strip. LensWork No. 117, Mar-Apr 2015.

Photo Synthesis: Extended portfolio. LensWork No. 92 Extended, Jan-Feb, 2015.

ImprovisationsFolios Gallery. LensWork No. 92 Extended, Jan-Feb, 2015.

LensWork Monograph #4: Chariots of Desire: Classic and Exotic Automobile Photographs- by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Publishing, 2014. 

Looking at Images: A deeper look at selected photographs, by Brooks Jensen. LensWork Publishing, 2014. 

Huntington Witherill: Image Reference Catalog: Interactive DVD-ROM. Self published. 2012.

Why Photographs Work: 52 Great Images: Who Made Them, What Makes Them Special, and Why. by George Barr. Rocky Nook Publishing. 2011.

Learning from the Best: Article by Paul Slaughter, Rangefinder Magazine, Mar, 2011.

Digital Collage and Painting- by Susan Ruddick Bloom. Second Edition. Published by Focal Press. 2011.

Photo Synthesis- by Huntington Witherill. 120 page hard bound monograph with 85 color reproductions and a 16-page process description with working examples. Self published Aug, 2010.

Premier Issue: Color Magazine, Issue #1, April, 2009.

Digital Masters- B&W Printing- by George DeWolfe. Published by Lark Books, 2009.

Chariots of Desire- Photographs and Introduction by Huntington Witherill. 80-page hard bound monograph. Self published (POD) Oct, 2008.

Photography: Huntington Witherill: Art Works Magazine, Fall, 2008.

Chariots of Desire: ArtWorks Magazine, September, 2008.

Fellow Travelers: Roundtable discussion with David Grant Best, Brooks Jensen, Joe Lipka, and Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 76, May-June, 2008.

Photo Synthesis: Photographs and Introduction by Huntington Witherill. 120- page hard bound monograph. Self published (POD), April, 2008.

Digital Workspace Video Tour: Huntington Witherill's digital darkroom. LensWork No. 72, Sep-Oct, 2007.

Spotlight: Article and Portfolio of images by Huntington Witherill. B&W Magazine No. 41, Feb, 2006.

Chariots of Desire: Photographs and interview w/ Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 62, Jan-Feb, 2006.

Farewell to the Revolution: Article by Huntington Witherill. Camera Arts Magazine, Oct./Nov., 2005.

Farewell to the Revolution: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 60, Sep-Oct, 2005.

The Hamster Wheel of Progress: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 59, Jul-Aug, 2005.

Photo Synthesis: Article by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Extended No. 57, Jul-Aug, 2005.

The Hamster Wheel of Progress: Article by Huntington Witherill. PSA Journal, Aug, 2004.

Panorama: Folio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork Publishing. 2004.

Black and White Fine Art: Article by Richard Pitnick. Professional Photographer Magazine, Aug, 2003.

Claiming the Blessing: The Witness Magazine, (v85, n11) Nov, 2002.

50 Perfect Places: Photographic feature. National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Nov., 2002.

Beware of Dog: by Martha Casanave. Foreword by Huntington Witherill. Center for Photographic Art, 2002.

Carrying on the Tradition: Featured article and photographs by Witherill. Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, Sept., 2001.

Pursuing a Hybrid: Interview of Witherill, by Richard Pitnick. B&W Magazine, Aug-Sep, 2001.

Within the Magnificence of the Boundless: Spiritus Journal (v1, n1) Spring, 2001.

Botanical Dances: by Huntington Witherill. Foreword by David E. Stroud. 104 page hard bound monograph with 39 tri-tone reproductions including five gatefold images. LensWork Publishing, 2001.

Orchestrating Icons: Portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 31, Sep-Oct, 2000.

The Witness: Photograph featured on cover. ECPC Publishing, 2000.

Photo Annual: Published by Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine, 2000.

Orchestrating Icons: by Huntington Witherill. Foreword by Paul Caponigro. 108 page hard bound monograph w/ silver gelatin tip-in. LensWork Publishing, 2000.

Standing Up Country: by C. Gregory Crampton. Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2000.

Pushing Pixels: Article by Huntington Witherill. Published by Calumet Photographic, Inc., 1999.

Botanicals: Interview and portfolio of photographs by Huntington Witherill. LensWork No. 26, Aug-Oct, 1999.

Mixing Traditional & Digital Processes: Article by George DeWolfe. View Camera Magazine, Nov-Dec, 1999.

Dialogs: Interview of Witherill, by John Paul Caponigro. View Camera Magazine,  May-Jun, 1997.

LUX/ONE: Duograph featuring Paul Caponigro & Huntington Witherill. Published by the Center for Photographic Art, 1990.

Earthscape: Book containing photographs by Witherill, published by Expo '90 Photo Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 1990.

The Black Hole in Photography: Article by Huntington Witherill. View Camera Magazine, 1989.

New Exposure: Catalog of Fine Photography. Published by New Exposure Gallery, 1987.

Huntington Witherill Catalog: 41 reproductions of landscape photographs. Self published, 1985.

Letter from Carmel: Article by Peter Nabokov. American Photographer Magazine, March, 1983.

Portfolio I: 10 silver gelatin prints by Witherill, with slipcase. Foreword by Steve Crouch. Published by The Collectors Gallery, 1981.

Portfolio Feature: Portfolio of photographs featured in premier issue of Monterey Life Magazine, 1980.