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About the Botanical Dances Gallery...

The Botanical Dances Gallery features black & white still-life images of pressed flowers and other botanical specimens. The flowers, themselves, have been arranged on both painted backgrounds and (in a few instances) small sections of very large painted photographs. This series of images was produced between 1985 and 1998.

Excerpt from the Introduction to the book: Botanical Dances:

From the standpoint of a practical approach, the photographs in Botanical Dances employ a marked reversal of a common practice in which painters will use photographic images as the base of departure for their paintings. Within many of the photographs in this series, I have used paintings as a base of departure for my photographs. I incorporated small portions of paintings and painted photographs as background material for the botanical specimens. While I do not fancy myself a painter, I did produce several of the paintings used for this purpose. However, many of the painted backgrounds were rendered by other artists and thus, a number of the photographs presented in this series represent a form of artistic collaboration.

Whether or not “new ground” has been broken with this photographic approach to a well-documented subject will be for you, as the viewer, to decide. Ultimately, I believe the true purpose of these images can be best summed up by the wisdom of six-year old Summer Lee. When asked what the painting she had just completed was for, she proudly held it up and replied: “It’s for if you need something to look at.”

Huntington Witherill

Note- A first-edition hardcover book containing 39 reproductions from the series: Botanical Dances can be found, here.

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