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About the Orchestrating Icons Gallery...

The Orchestrating Icons Gallery consists of classic black & white landscape photographs that have been produced between 1970 and the present. Traditional black & white landscape photography continues to be a particularly enduring passion of mine. It was, after all, the American landscape that first attracted me to photography nearly 50 years ago. And my enthusiasm for this particular genre has in no way diminished over the years. Despite being scoffed at from within many contemporary art circles (as being considered a more or less passé pursuit) I nevertheless find landscape photography to be every bit as relevant and inspiring, today, as it has been since the medium was first conceived.

Excerpt from the Foreword to the book: Orchestrating Icons, written by Paul Caponigro

Being gifted with experience in both music and photography, Huntington Witherill is at home in two artistic worlds, each of which has fostered within him a clear understanding of the creative process. His first love, music, imparted to him the means of finding his way in the intangible realms, and heightened his awareness that emotion must resonate throughout the activity of creating, whatever the chosen medium. Still a musician, what Witherill senses from the heart of the musical realm informs his intuitive side of how to create meaningful and harmonious structures with his camera.

In Witherill’s photographs, new motifs are born through resonances evolving from the communion between his deeper psyche and his craftsmanship. By keeping alive that steady internal process, Witherill creates images of visual music like those in Orchestrating Icons– images that settle into the bones of the viewer. Having found his relationship to chosen subjects and the unique light which reveals them, Witherill makes frequent passage as “midwife” between those spaces where the stuff of the personal and the potential dwell.

Note- A first-edition hardcover book containing 84 reproductions from the series: Orchestrating Icons can be found, here.

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