Cornucopia – Extended Gallery


Purchasing Limited Edition Prints from This Extended Gallery

For ease of initial posting, updating, and ongoing maintenance purposes, purchasing prints through this Extended Gallery requires a different process than is available through the Main Galleries. If you would like to purchase Limited Edition Archival Pigment Ink Prints of any of the images contained within this Extended Gallery, instructions are provided, below.

  1. Click the desired thumbnail image and hover your mouse over the resulting image enlargement page.

  2. Note the unique 5-digit file number located in the lower left of the enlargement window. (example: 00624)

  3. Please send an email inquiry through the Contact Page that includes (within the contact message, itself) the 5-digit file number associated with the specific image you are interested in purchasing.

You will receive an email reply (within 24 hours) and that image will then be posted in the password protected Private Gallery where prints can be purchased in the same manner as with the Main Galleries. You will also be provided with a password to facilitate access to the Private Gallery, itself.

Please Note- The products offered for sale through this website are available for U.S.A. delivery, only. For a detailed explanation about why such is the case, please click here.